Where in the world are we going??   


Mozambique, Africa

Sean and I are going to be in Mozambique May 2013- October 2013 hosting interns and working with native leaders. I want to learn as much as I can about Mozambique before we go, and I’m going to share some of what I learn on here. Hopefully, together, you and I will learn about Mozambique and the beautiful people who live there.

Just a few facts about Moz.:

Capital: Maputo

Currency: Mozambican metical

Population: 23,929,708 (2011)

Life Expectancy: 49.7 years

Portuguese is the spoken language of Mozambique so lets learn some phrases:

-Good morning - Bom dia
                  -Good afternoon - Boa tarde

-Good evening - Boa noite
                 -How are you? - Como está (esh-ta)

-Goodbye - Até logo
                         -Thank-you - obrigado

-Friend- Amigo                                   -Excuse me – desculpa (des-cool-pa)

-Hello- Hola                                        -God Bless you - Deus te abençoe (day-ohs  tee  a-ben-soy)


So lets make a sentence:

“Bom dia amigo, como está?”

I just said, “good morning friend, how are you?”

As Sean and I go on this journey I hope you will be praying for us. We also need your monthly financial support. Would you join our financial team today? 

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